How do I turn off Sky Broadband Shield?

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How do I turn off Sky Broadband Shield?

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Sky Broadband Shield helps you control what your family can access online, with age rating settings, across all devices connected to your Sky Broadband home network.


How do I switch off Sky Broadband Shield?


Although we don’t recommend it, if you want to switch Sky Broadband Shield off:

  1. Sign in to with your Sky iD.
  2. Scroll down and select Switch off. It may take around 15 minutes to be able to view previously blocked websites.


How do I block websites?


Sign in to with your Sky iD.

To block by category;

  1. Select Custom, then Block or Unblock next to each website category.
  2. Select Save all settings.

To block websites individually;

  1. Select the Block & allow websites tab.
  2. Enter the web address you’d like to block or allow in the appropriate box, and select Add.
  3. If you no longer want to block a site, select Remove next to the site address in the list.
  4. Select Save all settings.


I've seen a site which I think should be blocked.


Email us at to highlight any websites which should be blocked.


For more information about Sky Broadband Shield click here.

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