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Re: Free upgrade

Think that's my final update on upgrade 79.4 down, 19999 up

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Re: Free upgrade

Finally got Fibre Max now , didn’t even get a notification and couldn’t tell because the download was the same should boost up soon as upload is already 19mb , the wait is over ✅✈️



Surrey area 

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Re: Free upgrade

Thanks everyone for their Master socket speed suggestions.

Managed to move router and mains extension closer to master socket with existing filter and cable- 25MB approx.
Since re connected to extension socket 30MB.
I'll not go ahead with Master socket idea.

Let's hope I get some speed increase from upgrade when it finally arrives.

Don't get me wrong my upto 40MB@30MB has been very stable and reliable since install.


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Re: Free upgrade

Will I get free upgrade?
Router Statistics
System Up Time: 1377:09:31
PortStatusTxPktsRxPktsCollision PktsTx b/sRx b/sUp Time
WLAN (2.4 GHz)Up19419728576645010821101377:08:00
WLAN (5 GHz)Up387185642172009705780054055814:28:19

Broadband LinkDownstreamUpstream
Connection Speed (Kbps)399999997
Line Attenuation (dB)DS1:16.9    DS2:41.3    DS3:57.9US0:5.8    US1:30.6    US2:46.7
Noise Margin (dB)DS1:8.9    DS2:8.9    DS3:8.9US0:6.7    US1:6.6    US2:6.6

Poll Interval:
Seconds (at least 3s): 
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Re: Free upgrade

How can the forum help, @Yorkiecherry?


Ah ok, seen your edit @Yorkiecherry. So far as I know, the mailing for the free upgrade was completed some while ago, so if you haven't received a letter, I'm afraid you won't be one of those being upgraded.

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Re: Free upgrade

That's too bad. Thanks anyway 👍

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Re: Free upgrade

Does anyone know if or when the free upgrade is in Manchester. Oldham / Saddleworth area. 

I have my son and 2 foster kids nagging me about speeds and consistency when all 3 are on Xbox ones. One is cables to the router and the other two are on WiFi. I am NOT techy at all but the constant grief I’m hearing is driving me insane. 

Can anyone tell me if I upgrade to the fibre max will it make them all have the decent connections for their stupid games. 

What will make their Xbox’s all connect and work properly? One is upstairs in sons bedroom (connected to router) and other two are in kids lounge a hallway away from router. All are intermittent and it’s making me insane enough to want to cut their damn cables up. 


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Re: Free upgrade

@Leighec wrote:

Does anyone know if or when the free upgrade is in Manchester. Oldham / Saddleworth area. 



Assuming you've been notified by Sky that you're one of the lucky ones getting the free upgrade, it could be any time between now and 'Spring' which I take to be March/April.

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Re: Free upgrade

I don’t recall getting a letter no. To be honest I don’t always open the sky (and other letters)  as just assume they’re wanting me to pay for something new. 

Typical. I’m looking to upgrade but not going to pay for it if it’s going to be free soon. Pay enough monthly to Sky as it is. 

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Re: Free upgrade

I'm not aware that Sky has any plans to upgrade any further customers to Sky Fibre Max, beyond those already notified.

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Re: Free upgrade

Ok thank you. 

That sounds about right, I always miss out in the offers. Lol. 

Is the upgrade to Sky max worth the cost do you think? 3 kids (11-17yrs) so all tech dependant but normal use not massive,  just lots of gaming. 

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Re: Free upgrade

@Leighec Gaming does not need a lot of bandwidth. If nobody is moaning probably leave it until they do or things like Netflix start misbehaving.


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Re: Free upgrade

Ok thank you. So if it’s not the bandwidth it has to be simply the amount of people online in the games.  Kids have little patience when on games hence why I ban them school days. 

Youve saved me spending more per month for nothing. Thank you. 

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Re: Free upgrade

@vinnieshelp wrote:

Before people gett carried away with this FREE speed upgrade you may want to check your future bills.

I was upgraded on 06/12/2018 and got a message on my mobile and when i checked mysky app my discounted fibre, rental and anytime extra calls went from 31 pm to £49.40 pm and that is to be taken from 28/12/2018. My discount doesn't end till the last day of March.

Got through to Sky's abroad reps and was told that is correct price but as the Sky's billing system is a bit behind it "may not" take the £49.40 on the 28/12/2018 but if if does call back and Sky will give these back as credits for February's bill.

As of yesterday mysky app, online and sky hd box account all showing £49.40 to be taken as it is December's bill dated 14/12/2018.


Maybe i am the only one but i think it is something to keep n eye on your bills.

Well i checked my bank account and Sky did take the £49.40 on 28/12/2018.


After nearly spending 2 hours talking to 4 different chat people Sky said they will give me credits for the deductions taken in error on my next bill.


My Jan 2019 bill will be interesting to look at.


Sky chat people had the nerve/cheek to say that it was me that upgraded to MAX and nothing to do with Sky.


Can somebody tell me what the full price for line rental and fibre MAX is please. Sky have told me that it is £18.99 for rental and £25 for fibre Max.

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Re: Free upgrade

Have a look at the 'legal bit' on the Sky Shop page here.

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