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FTTH Ethernet slower than WiFi

Hi there.

I've recently switched from Eir to Sky. I've hat FTTH/FTTP for the last 2 years. In that time download has been always 900Mb+ And upload 90Mb. Stable.


Got switched over to Sky yesterday on a package (1Gb connection) and there is a huge issue. yesterday I was getting 900+ down right off the bat, but less than 10 up, at times it was even struggling to hit 5. When I tested on wifi using my mobile and a laptop I was managing 50+up. I've always used wired, and have Cat6e run where I need it.


I've tried swapping cables (I've loads of spares), and 3 different computers, with windows 10 and 11, have checked the speed / duplex settings.


The one major difference between the Sky box and the Eir one, as the eir box had a dedicated WAN port, the sky box has it as port 4 of the LAN ports.


I'm wondering if there is a setting that might be incorrectly configured on the hub (maybe it's not set up for FTTH? - but FTTC? - I dunno :/), I mean we're in the upside down right now the Wifi should be slower than wired. If I can't get it fixed I'll have to switch back to eir. Nightmare.


I work from home and a solid upload is vital, I do a lot of uploading, live recording sessions, and live-streaming. I really hope someone can help me, right now sky have just told me to wait 24 hours, but I don't see how that will change this discrepancy.


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This message was authored by tezire This message was authored by: tezire

Re: (FTTP) Ethernet slower than WiFi

Just as an update. Had the TV install today, Sky Q box was unable to maintain a Wi-Fi connection to the hub. Had to activate viewing card over LAN. So that's is doubly weird.

They're sending out a new box, but I fear this wont resolve things.

If anyone knows any router settigns I could fiddle with in the meantime I'd be grateful for any input.


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