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Broadband not active

Hello im new sky costumer and im not happy i wait for engenier 3 week and still my broadband not work every week i recieve message sorry for delay... engenier come yesterday instal new socket plug in sky router and set need wait few minute. internet still not work today i recieve message need to wait until 30 may  i dont want to be sky costumer never 


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Re: Broadband not active

Hi there, I will escalate this to our community chat for you. Please look out for an email or chat bubble. We look forward to speaking to you 🙂 

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Re: Broadband not active

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi Dana8899


An invite was sent but there was no response within 48 hours so it has automatically closed.

If you still need help with this please let us know by posting on the forum again and we will get it escalated through to us.


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