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Broadband dropping every 2 minutes

Hopefully someone can help, our Internet has been dropping out over the last week or two but today its been every 2 minutes or so. Neither my partner or myself can attend our work meetings which is a big problem. I appreciate the weather may be responsible but given its been frequent for a while I hoped someone could assist us somehow. I have attached our router stats.



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Re: Broadband dropping every 2 minutes

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Hi @QwertyMat 

Your screenshot shows the WAN as being down so we know this is a line issue and not a local WiFi issue.

Things you can check yourself are 

- Ensure the cable to the phone socket isnt damaged and is connected properly at both ends

- Use a microfilter if you dont have a prefiltered master socket and ensure the microfilter isnt damaged. If you have a spare one try using that instead

-  Make sure the router is plugged into the master telephone socket of your house and not an extension socket


If the above doesnt help then you'll likely need to book an engineer. Try running the line test in the My Sky app and see if it prompts you to book one. If it doesnt you can either call or we can escalate your post here to Sky who can assist. 

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