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Blocking Skam Remote Server Access

My dad has allowed scammers access to his and kick off an 'Anydesk' session. (They tell him they're from BT and have discovered that hackers have modfified the 'phone line' from Private to Public, and then send him to Amazon and all his bank accounts to check speed...!)


Does anyone know how to block the remote access software using the Firewall of the Sky Router please? It makes more sense to catch it here than just on his laptop. I want to block all incoming and outgoing traffic specific to AnyDesk but I'm no power user and am not familiar with the Firewall Rules in the Router Security page.


My dad's virus softwear will block specific programs but it seems that they must be already installed on the PC to select them in the firewall. The scammers appear to be doing a one off run Anydesk session as far as I can see from her Chrome history. I cannot find the client installation on his laptop anymore. 


Thanks for any help.


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Re: Blocking Skam Remote Server Access

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AnyDesk appear to use 80 and 443 (plus 6568): if you block 80 and 443 you'll kill HTTP web browsing and most email client software.




Convincing the user that every such phone call is a criminal scam is essential: next time they could use TeamViewer or any other such product.

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Re: Blocking Skam Remote Server Access

Thank you for your reply, that's useful information. The re-education program has already begun!


So that I understand, you're saying I can't really block the ports, but perhaps just blocking the domain will be possible, but that just stops him from accessing the client, not the theives from pulling his data? Right? Do they still have access to his device, even without the AnyDesk.exe present?


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