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Community help pages

The Sky Community can help with a whole range of broadband issues, but to make things easier, we’ve created some articles which should point you in the right direction.


Help with Sky Broadband

These steps will help diagnose what may be causing your Sky Hub to lose connection or receive slower-than-expected speeds.


Sky Hub settings page

Your Sky Hub settings page enables you to configure your home network to suit your needs


Set a Wi-Fi timer

Want to keep the kids off the Wi-Fi at certain times? This will help.


Change your wireless channel

If you'd prefer to manually set a Wi-Fi channel, follow these steps. can help you with your Sky Broadband questions


Change your Wi-Fi password

Your default password is printed on your Sky Hub. If you'd like to change it follow the link.


Constant amber internet light

If your Sky Hub is struggling to establish an internet connection, this article should help.


Intermittent broadband connection

If you're losing connection, check out these steps.


If you haven’t found the help you’re looking for, post your question on our broadband community.

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