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What’s app message

Yesterday I booked an installation,

today I received a whats app message to combine installations. 

I didn't know that sky sent what's app, the poor guy that was messaging was given a bit of a difficult time because I wouldn't give him any information and he couldn't give me any information. He said he could call me but that wouldn't have made any difference I don't give information out on the phone either.


Has anyone else had this? 

Just a suggestion for sky but in future when people book anything give that person a random word so that when they are contacted they know it is genuinely Sky. 




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Re: What’s app message

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If you book an engineer, it's not unusual for them to contact you before the appointment.


That being the case, and depending on whether or not the information they're asking for might be sensitive, you might take the view that it's of minimal risk.


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