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Was i Tricked or Naive

After 22yrs with Sky i thought it was time to sort out my package, i had the old Variety and Sky+HD with F1 on Sky Q multiroom costing me £74.50, so i wanted to reduce my bill but needed to keep F1, i knew my package was out of date and to get F1 i had to have Sports.

So i phoned Sky and was advised to have Signature,Sports and multiroom for £59.50 happy days as long as i was getting Witness, Atlantic and F1 i was happy, then i looked on the guide and found out they had taken all the HD channels off and this stopped me from accessing my recorded and downloaded programs, so back on the phone and they wanted another £10 for the HD pack (what are they on about)my initial thought was no way this was never mentioned before and wanted to go back to how it was but no i would lose multiroom and watch promgrams in SD, i know i'm better off program wise but was really trying to reduce my bill.


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