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Unfair no refund

The recent weather damaged our sky dish and so we decided to change to sky stream (weather always disrupts our signal due to poorly placed dish)
We had only just paid our £94 bill at the end of December and now have paid another £103.95 for the sky stream. I feel this is totally unfair that the £94 we just paid could not be used to pay for some of the new sky . You also cancelled all our sky go extra which I thought would stay on until end of the January as we had paid for it.
We are diamond Customer which seems to count for nothing.
We also started with a 30 day rolling contract to just make sure we liked the service before committing and so were not entitled to all the offers on sky sports for example.
We have also just signed up for Sky broadband. Why are you not looking after your Customers .
It is putting us off signing up for the 18 month contract when this runs out out of principal.

Please can you let us know if 


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Re: Unfair no refund

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@Nmart wrote:

Please can you let us know if 

you're not addressing Sky here... just other customers...


as billing is in advance, you should be credited for the Q period overlapping with the stream.

I am just another Sky customer and my views are my own
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Re: Unfair no refund

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You won't get any deals on a rolling contract as it would make no commercial sense for a company to offer discounts when a customer can leave at any time. Unfortunately to get discounts you have to sign 18 month minimum term agreements.


when you switch from Sky q to Sky streaming, once the streaming service is activated refunds are generated from the activation date which is done because Sky is paid for one month in advanced. On the next Sky q billing date after your streaming activation you will see credits on your Sky q bill to cover for the period you have paid but not had Sky q because your service switched.

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