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Struggling to pay broadband bill

Struggling to pay my broadband this month and my account is still not restricted and I'm worried it will cut off its my only access to check banks and pay bills when I do receive money next week is it possible to pay my outstanding bill then please 


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Re: Struggling to pay broadband bill

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The billing process (for all customers) is as follows:-

If you have a Direct Debit set up and the payment fails on the normal payment date Sky will attempt it again 10 calendar days later. (Don’t be tempted to make a manual payment in this period).

After 10 days, if that second automatic attempt also fails Sky may send a text and/or email notifying you that your payment has failed again and you then have a day or two before they restrict your services.

If you have a Continuous Card payment method set up, if the payment fails Sky send the text/email notification about the failed payment and you usually have at best 2/3 days before being restricted. There is only 1 attempt made for a card payment, so if this has failed, you will need to pay manually and then reset the payment method for next month.

Restrictions are an automated process and we’ve been told Customer Service agents can’t stop it… even if you’re told otherwise.

Sky don’t allow payment plans (except on a legitimately closed account) or a promise to pay on or by a certain date. This link may also provide some advice

If your services end up being restricted you will:-
(1) have to pay what you owe in full
(2) set up a new continuous payment method
(3) wait for the payment to reach Skys account.
Then your services should be reinstated automatically but not necessarily instantly.

If you are behind with Stream or Glass payments also see the information on this link:

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