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Sky contract

How do I find out when my contract ends?


The help thing on here is confusing me, taking me round in circles all the time and isn't being too helpful. I can't find the contract itself that I have.


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Re: Sky contract

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@tiggerwillow So your actual contract doesn't end, its your minimum term that expires which allows you to leave penalty free with 31 days notice (14 for broadband) and which typically means any in-contract discounts you have also expire.


This may give guidance https://www.sky.com/help/articles/your-sky-contract-start 


Also if you login to your My Sky account and go to My Messages, you will find all your Sky related documentation, including the Contracts. This will have a start start and a length so you can use that to find when your minimum term ends.


Also if you have in-contract discounts which lasted the full length of your minimum term, you will see when the discounts expire via your My Sky account, so you can use that to see when the minimum term period ends.You can find this information in the relevant Product section under My Products. For example for TV this would be here: https://www.sky.com/mysky/tv and you would see each pack listed with a offer ending date as per the example below:






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Re: Sky contract

ok it says about 12 months but it also says 18 months so I'm confused over which it is, 12 months or 18 months ?


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