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Refer a Friend

Last Novemeber I refered a friend to Sky and she took out a TV and broadband package.


In December I received an Email telling me this had gone through and to look out for a new Email telling me how to claim my voucher. It never came.


So about 3-4 weeks ago I navigated the awful auto attendent phone system and finally got through to the 'Incentives Team'.  I was told my voucher was stuck pending and a new one would be issued within 2 weeks. It never came.


So after 2 weeks I called again, this time I was told it would be cancelled again and onther one issued, I would receive the voucher within a week. It never came.


So today I tried to raise a complaint on the chat system and spoke to and absolutely useless person who was not only unhelpful but refused to deal with my complaint or escalate it. All she could tell me to do was call the incentives team again. I explained I had done previously but they had not done as promised. One of her replies was "I am so sorry they lied you may get a different agent ". 


So if Sky refuse to acknowledge or deal with a complaint and the incentives team just fob you off saying the voucher is on its way where do I go from here? 





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Re: Refer a Friend

Posted by a Superuser, not a Sky employee. Find out more

You can also register a complaint by filling this online form in which might be worth doing:



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Re: Refer a Friend

I can try but as Ive alreay tried to complain on the chat service and got fobbed off then I doubt I'll get any further.


I have honestly never know n such poor customer service. Maybe something I'd expect for a small time purchase but I must have spent in excess of 10 grand over the 18 years Ive been with them. 


I wont be spending any more once this contract is up, in fact I'm wondering if I have legitmate grounds to cancel early based on this and their failiure to hold their side of an agreement.


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