Discussion topic: Re-negotiated Contract not what was agreed

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Re-negotiated Contract not what was agreed

On Friday I re-negotiated my bill as it was going up from £49 to £69 then £72.50 (April).


My contract is to the 19th Feb so it seems I would have been better phoning on 19th January but we are where we are.


So I initially got offered £60.50 best price, which obviously I said no to and asked to cancel (as I can get VM for £55 or maybe even less).


Retentions spoke to me for about 30 minutes and eventually we got to £46 (yes great deal I thought) plus a £10 admin fee (OK, whatever!)


This was agreed and broken down as follows;

Sky Sig £16

Ultimate (inc Netflix 4k) £7

HD £8

UHD £1

Multi Room £14

£46 total for everything


My bill though is;

Sky Sig £26 (£10 over)

Netflix Upgrade £7 (OK but see next line)

Ultimate £4 (totally extra if the above is now the new name)

HD £8 (OK)

UHD £1 (OK)

Multi £15 (£1 over)

Total £61 (the explained discounts aren't the same, £15 less)


As you can see quite a difference £61 which is 50p more than Line 1 standard offers, grrrr!


Just spoke with them again and retentions say no notes other than the Line 1 person, so basically retentions on Friday put me on a new 18m contract, at a figure of their own choosing, and they say I'm stuck for 18m or pay £350 to cancel!!


I've escalated it and they are supposed to be getting back to me in 72 hours but I have a quick question, what's the cooling-off period for that contract on Friday 09/02/24 and can they go back and listen to the call?


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Re: Re-negotiated Contract not what was agreed

should add that the email I got on Friday ONLY mentions Sky Sig and says (cvonfusingly ) this;


Sky Signature £34.00

18m in-contract disount £-£5.00

10 Days discount (guess thats from 09/02 to 19/02 my old contract date) -£10.00

Sky Signature Net Price £19.00


Not yet active Discount for 18m from 19/02 -£3.00


I'm not sure but that does kind of read as £16 a month if the 10 day discount were continuing forward (clearly it hasn't been).


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