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Re: Poor Customer Service

Very bad customer service joker online yesterday. I gave him all my details and a phone number which I miss a call from sky. So he gave me a link which I made a mistake because he didn't tell me what to do properly. And with outcome he send me another link to ring sky up after I told him I had no credit. And I miss calls from sky because I got email from them saying they be in touch 72hours .I was meant to somewhere they ruined my day .he keep me online for ages on purpose I think.Then I was going out the door my mobile phone rang as I press the button person hung up .getting to

the stage now I might give them up .

Even I wrote before Christmas saying I want to give up broadband. A person ringing me up foolish times .when am doing something. I paye two big bills .my request wasn't noted with my letter .joke is I got 20e top to ring them .with the outcome the girl kept me on phone 📱 for ages 15e or more it cost .they should give people a time when they are ringing and cut u off when u asked by letter or email. They make it awkward for people on purpose 





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