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Prices quoted not reflected

I hate talking to sky and now I know why...first the chap was rude and condescending, spent 1h on the phone 2 days ago and the price I was quoted has not been reflected on my future bill. Let's not talk about the £20 admin charge which is a disgrace as we have 0 choice but to pay if we want to cancel services it is madness. 


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Re: Prices quoted not reflected

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You will need to call Sky to see why the new agreed price hasn't been implemented. They should be able to listen back on your original call.

Admin charges are usually added to discounted deals (new or on renewal), and it’s normally £10 per discount. Perhaps check your future bills and see if the charges have been credited back. If you negotiated the deal on the phone and these admin charge(s) weren’t mentioned contact Sky again. 

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