Discussion topic: Price rise since moving house!

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Price rise since moving house!

I have been with Sky for a long time and have recently moved house.I was informed by an advisor that my broadband would not be connected for a couple of weeks but when reconnected would still be the same price,same with my TV package.Everything I pay is usually £44.50.I had a bill of £7.92 for this month and then my next bill is around £96!!My broadband has also increased.My contract does not run out till May.I don't know how the figure of £96 has been reached.The following bill for month after is £64.50 a £20 increase.Anyone explain the prices or is it easier to phone Sky?


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Re: Price rise since moving house!

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Easier to call Sky and have them explain.

I would assume that because you've moved home and thats modified your package that some charges would be delayed and moved to the month after which is why your next bill is significantly higher.


Additionally Sky have just announced price rises across the board as it does every year like all other ISPs so your bill will be higher than usual anyway. 

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