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Poor customer service

Sky converted my free cinema trial to a paid subscription without notice. Tried several times to cancel and to get refund. Nothing happened even after they admitted error.When I asked to make a complaint they said that they logged it but do not give me a reference number. Called numerous times they cut me off because of "poor lines they cannot hear me". Nothing wrong with my phone or location. They asked me to use another phone which was of course rejected because the number is not registered with them. Is there something wrong with their telephony or is it an excuse?


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Re: Poor customer service

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It was almost,certainly always a paid for subscription. Sky's Cinema trials are for a short period, of 1 or 3 months after which you pay unless you cancel by giving 31 days notice. It's explained in the terms of the offer.


I'm not aware of any problems with Sky's  telephony, but if it helps there's a chat option via the 'still need help' button here you can use to give notice to cancel: https://www.sky.com/help/home/your-account/my-account-and-subscription/cancelling/cancel-my-subscrip...


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