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Overpaid my internet

i have overpaid my internet bill and i was wondering if it was possible to get a refund as i could do with it back for other bill. It is showing as credit on my account


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Re: Overpaid my internet

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Do you mean you've made a manual payment? If you have a continuous payment method set up you should never need to make a manual payment. A credit will appear on your account for the amount you have overpaid. This should automatically be used to pay your next bill so on that bill date no/less money should be taken from your account. I would recommend not making manual payments unless requested to by Sky.

However, if you prefer, once your extra payment is showing as a credit we can perhaps get you some help in getting it refunded (within the standard 3-5 working days) through the Messaging Team. Let us know on this thread if you want to do that. 

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