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Moving homes at the end of April (moving back to parents for a month or two) however we won't be in our new property until the end of June / early July, what happens to our TV account in that time, do we just have to pay or is there a way to put the account on hold for one or two months then book in the Home Move when we are moved in?




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Sky doesn't allow accounts to be put on hold so you will have to keep paying for it.  You will have access to Sky Go in the meantime if that helps. When you are ready move then you can arrange this by calling Sky.

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Recently did the same, however our two months turned into six. Mother-in-Law doesn't have Sky though and we have Stream, so it was a simple address change and then just kept having to pay the monthly cost.


Unfortunately, if you are in a contract, you will be expected to honour it. 


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Sky Stream and whole home.

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