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Monthly Subscription

When is my contact due for renewal as I will be moving to another provider,I started the contact at £25 a month and now its double.The speed isn't all that good anyway. I don't even know what I get in the package regarding my home phone. If you gave not git a cheaper package I will have no alternative but to leave you even in contact as this is ridiculous. Sheena McKendry.

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Re: Monthly Subscription

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I’m afraid you aren’t contacting Sky Customer Services on here. This is a customer to customer forum where we try to help each other.

Sky will have told you the date the discount was ending when you took it out. It may be shown in your Message Centre. If your discount has ended you will need to contact Sky to try to negotiate a new deal which will require another 18 month minimum term contract. Sky are not obliged to offer you another discount so if you’re offered something acceptable you need to agree to it there and then because if you decide to think about it the offer may no longer be available when you call back.

You can either call Sky or use the following link

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