Discussion topic: Month later, No hub, but still charged for service i can't use.

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Month later, No hub, but still charged for service i can't use.

I signed up for  broadband on 8th december , it went live on 15th december and still can't actually use the service. ( our new house already has the ont installed and working)


The problem has been that the modem/hub was sent to a completely different address, and that address is not actually exist because it was sent to a "postmans box" ??? Exactly


It seems the problem is something to do with my actual address in a new build estate, this was found and came up as normal when i signed up with sky, but somehow the delivery address changed to  " postmans box".  So i got an email from royal mail about a missed delivery but i can not collect the hub as i need the " we missed you card", which  they couldn't supply because of the wrong delivery address.


So i phoned up sky, the op found the weird delivery address still showing, aswell as my correct address,  so he manually entered the correct delivery address and assured me a new hub will be posted out.  It's been a few weeks now and i still haven't recieved the replacement.  


I did try the online broadband hub tester just to see if i could use that to get a replacement hub sent, i've also sent an email to the "thinking of leaving" people.  So this is my next port of call to try and get things moving, as i have been charged for a service i can't actually get and want that cost ammended, aswell as finally getting a broadband hub.


 Peace out


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Re: Month later, No hub, but still charged for service i can't use.

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There is not much us fellow customers can say or to suggest other than to call Sky again about this and double check that they have the correct address on your account. If they have then the hold up might be due to the strikes at Royal Mail so could still turn up over the coming week or so.

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