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Is this possible?

Hello - I am trying to find a good deal for my dad, who is a current Sky subscriber, but he had a stroke, last year, so I am managing a lot of his affairs. I noticed the other day that he is paying a ridiculous amount on Sky\Broadband\BT Sports, where he get his broadband from a different provider (BT). 


I would like to know if we can get him a package, where everything is under one roof, where he can get Sky Sports plus BT Sports and Broadband. Your packaged deals don't include all 3, I only see Sky Spoorts and BT Sports...I want to add Broadband, but I don't seem to be able to. Can you help? I am also a Sky Q customer, just FYI.


Thank you




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Re: Is this possible?

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You can get all three from Sky so for best prices you are best of calling them.


Under  "Need more help ?" at the bottom this page is the number to call, it might take a few seconds to appear, if you are in Ireland make sure the flag in the bottom right is changed to the ROI so you see an 0818 number:



Just ignore the messages at the start of the call and remain on the line for as long as you can and don't hang up when asked to do so.

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