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Final bill refund not received

How long does it take for Sky to refund the credit on your account once you have cancelled services. I was told not to cancel the DD to make it easier for them to refund, so expected the money to arrive day they usually take it but nothing received and still showing as credit on my account. Thanks Victoria


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Re: Final bill refund not received

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Refunds can take up to 6 weeks from your last day of connection providing the payment method is still active on your Sky account. This will be longer if the payment method has been cancelled as Sky will have to manually raise a cheque and post it to you.

If you’d rather, we can help get it refunded within 3-5 working days via the Messaging Team on here. Let us know on this thread if that’s what you want to do but we need confirmation it’s showing as a credit on your Sky account.

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