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Credit Refund


I was told when I cancelled my TV na d Braodband that any credits would be auto refunded to my account if I left my direct debit open. I have just had a live chat with Sky to find out when I can expect this (contract ended 23rd Jan) who have asked me to click on a link (which did not look legitimate) to provide my bank details.  They have said that they dont auto refund, but I have it in writing several times that they do.  Has anyone had experience of this please, and how long would the refund normal take to come through.  I'm very hesitatnt to enter bank details or even click on links in live chats due to fraud reasons.




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Re: Credit Refund

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Refunds normally take (up to) 6 weeks from the last day of your connection so you're still within that time frame. If you close the direct debit payment it takes longer as they have to raise a cheque and post it to you. 

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