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Contract query

I entered a new 18 month fixed contractl on the 21 FB 2023 however I see that from the 7 April you are making an increase in my monthly payments,this is after i spoke to one of your advisers on the 2 march and he informed me my payments wil remain the same until 21 august 2024 the end date of my current contract  can you sort this out  please


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Re: Contract query

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@DavidVarney firstly this is a Sky Community forum of other Sky customers, you can't speak to Sky Customer Services through a public forum ( for a start they wouldn't know who you are).


The annual price rise is included in the T&Cs which you would have agreed to when signing up to the contract, and in the UK happens in April. Sky very rarely do fixed price deals for the duration of a contract.


If you have Sky Boradband, you can leave penalty free within 30 days of receiving the price rise notification. Note this doesn't apply to Sky TV contracts. 


Something to bear in mind if you do have Sky Broadband, is that not many broadband providers allow you to leave penalty free as a result of the annual price rise, so if you decide to switching you should remember that in all likelihood you would get a price rise this time next year from your new provider and have no ability to freely exit that contract.

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