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Change Sky ID

I have been a SKY customer for 20+ years - all the account information is up to date - however my SKY id is still in a name that erlates to my ex husband - who I am no longer associated with in anyway - and seeing his name is actually triggering bad memories.  Is there a way for me to change this does anybody know please?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Change Sky ID

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@saraleaning  Unfortunately there isn't 

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Re: Change Sky ID

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Account names can't be changed, the only way around this would be to contact your ex, get them to cancel allowing you to then sign up into Sky in your name once the cancellation has gone through.

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Re: Change Sky ID

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Hey @saraleaning ! Welcome to the Sky Community forum, where customers like you are on hand 24/7 (almost) to offer some fantastic advice and help on all things Sky-related. To learn more about Community, get started by clicking here.


Like @caesarome and @SKY1992bf have said above it's unlikely this can be changed but I can give you some information:

I assume your SkyID is your own email address but has your ex-husband's name as the personal details. If this is the case, it's correct in that it can't be changed. You can however set up a brand new Sky ID with a different email address, you can then call Sky to unlink the old email address from your Sky account and link your new Sky ID as the primary holder.


Hope this helps,


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