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Cancel Sky Sports

Hi I want to cancel my Sky Sports subscription as it is getting to expensive. The problem I have is that my subscription doesn't run out until July 24 and was wondering how much would the penalty?

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Re: Cancel Sky Sports

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@the+gob  You can't request any cancellations via  a public forum, if your in a minimum term sky may not allow you to.


You will need to call Sky or use the following link https://www.sky.com/help/articles/cancel-sky-tv#contact-leave

On the link provided (In the UK) it should include a Message Us option between 0900-1930.

You can also call on 150 from a Sky Mobile or Sky Talk line

If you haven't got a current Sky Mobile or Sky Talk this link should help:
(UK) https://www.sky.com/help/home Scroll down and click on ‘Need more help’ and it provides a 0333 number
(ROI) on the same link change the flag in the very bottom corner to the ROI flag to obtain an 0818 number.

Stay on the line and don’t hang up if prompted to. Apparently the quieter times to ring are just after 7am or about 9pm.

If you don't see the Contact options on the link above make sure java script is enabled on your browser.

Like you I'm a customer here, Sky Employees are clearly identified as such.
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