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Broadband in contract

Hello please can someone call me regarding my contract my bill has jumped up a lot just woundering if my broadband is still in contract 


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Re: Broadband in contract

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This is a customer helps customer forum. You aren’t addressing a Sky Customer Service agent here. No one will call you as a result of posting. 

A discounted deal could have ended. You would have been told the date the discounted deal was ending when you originally took it out. If you haven’t already you should compare a previous bill to your latest bill and see where the amounts differ.
If your discount has ended you will need to contact Sky to try to negotiate a new deal which will require another minimum term contract. Sky are not obliged to offer you another discount but if you sort something out to your satisfaction make a note of the date it’s ending.

You can either call Sky or use the following link https://www.sky.com/help/articles/cancel-sky-tv#contact-leave

This link https://www.sky.com/help/articles/been-overcharged may also help.

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