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My outstanding balance to get my internet and tv back on is £140. I can't afford to pay any of this right now. Is there a way I can may monthly and still have my restrictions lifted at same time ? I haven't been home I've been staying with family due to poor health and my phones been broke and I had to save to afford one. I've only just been able to log on.


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Before Sky reinstate your services you will have to pay what you owe and also set up a new continuous payment method. If your payment is two or more weeks overdue you will also have to pay the next bill as well. If you allow your arrears to remain for 56 days Sky may terminate your account.

[Depending on your previous payment history you may be able to pay all but £25 which will then be added to your next bill, although this does NOT apply for a Sky Mobile restriction].

If you can’t pay all now you can pay what you want, when you want, but until the bill is paid off in full Sky will not reinstate your services. Sky don't allow payment plans on overdue live accounts, nor will they consider promises to pay.

Once your payment has cleared and is in Sky’s account your services should be reinstated, but be aware this may not be instant especially at a weekend when the banks are closed.

Any attempt to call Sky will result in you being prompted to pay first.

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