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So im new to sky, paid my bill on 28th march (which i have proof of) and now my bill has been doubled! When i first joined they sent wifi hub to wrong address twice so was set up week late ( not ideal when u need wifi for your doorbell as im hearing aid user who cant hear her front door) please sort this sky as soon as i pay my app is saying i owe double, feels like i am constantly paying u! 


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Hi @Georgiem1 

That's to be expected as Sky bills for a month in advance so your first bill or two will be higher than usual whilst you accrue the month in advance. Ont he bill you will be able to see the dates that it's covers so you will notice that over the first two bills the billing dates will be longer than one month. 


If you check the futures bills at www.sky.com/bills you should see the future charges are as expected, once you get to your third bill at the latest.


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The first two bills are always higher due to the date period they cover (longer than the usual 4 weeks) as you can read about here, halfway down the page here:



So have you checked your future bills to see what they show:


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