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Account & billing query.

I went to the sky store in quadrant in Swansea,  I had a conversation with an sky advisor or sales advisor.i explained my broadband had 2 months left and looking to switch . On the grounds of costing me a lower price deal this was around 7th March 2024. He told me it would cost me £55.00 a month including the  broadband and glass t.v and the cheapest package. He told me I would have 2 months also to be taking off my bills as i am a new customer which i repeated 3 times not to misunderstand him paid the £10.00 down payment and signed which i was lead to believe the package he was telling me and that i am agreeing to is the truth . Time went past and the on the 21st March I had an appointment which I could see in my sky app which I asked the sky store staff member to install for me.  On the 7th March 2024 but no broadband couldn't see the bill or anything to do with billing , as I was still on my old provider wifi paying £46.00 to old provider and sky also had taken out money £55.00 on the 25th march 2024 . I didn't have my  glass t.v and package not the broadband as it was delayed on the 28th march 2024 . If I didn't have my old providers WiFi my t.v wouldn't be working be still sky had taken out money,  I had to put in two complaints as still no Internet provided by sky which at the time I was lead to believe the WiFi was included .the engineer came on the 10th of April 2024 to dig up the path to put in the connection which I didn't know they were coming no email no text nothing  after they finished they explained sky would contact me in the next few days,  days went past nothing and still I couldn't see my billing on sky app but sky are still taking their payment of £55.00  which I'm was using my old provider's WiFi until I received my final bill . But take in mind no Internet no t.v would work without broadband.  Also if I wanted to cancel within 14 days I couldn't see much due to  no broadband.  After going  back to see the sales man at sky store he yes no need to worry the broadband will be up and running soon and after days passing on the 22nd April I had to put the 2rd complaint I was contacted I spoke with advisor she was nice . But when I said about paying for something I haven't had yet she  didn't know what I was on about.  If I didn't have WiFi from my old provider no t.v and I'm paying for only half of my package I signed for  on the 22rd april 2024 an engineer came to connect my broadband which I wasn't contacted yet again no communication.  When I finally got my broadband from sky I seen that the broadband wasn't included in my  glass t.v it is separate.  I feel I was given false information so instead of £55.00 it is actually £71.00  which I wasn't told and given misleading information from sky store from start to finish.  I contacted sky after finding out I was given misleading information my anxiety was taking over, I'm on benefits for  physical and mental health. I couldn't catch my breath after  finding this all out. The advisor on the phone was very nice to me and trying to calm me down.  Then I explained what happened and what the sales man from sky store told was falsified information including the 2 months off my next 2 bills I wanted to cancel everything for breaching our contract.  I was told to go and see the sales man and to see if he can lower my package,  so I went back there on there on the 23rd April 2024 and I spoke with him I know his name and I was also voice recording him, I asked him and he Continued to give me misleading information about the 2 months off next bills and still telling me £55.00 per month. I've kept all the emails and texts from sky and the voice recording from what he told I said it 3 times and went over the price of my t.v package and the Internet is included.  I can't believe this is how new customers are treated given false information and breach of contract now I have paid for sky for half the package and paying for old provider over £180.00  after been given false information.  I heard everything the sales man said in sky store I repeated 3 more times what he was saying and his colleagues heard everything he was saying to me, both were looking at each other  I will be contacting citizens advice and ask about ofcom this definitely sounds like breach of contract.  Very disappointed looking into cancelling I can't stay after the money I lost and the anxiety and misery I've been through with sky and being a new customer. 


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Re: Account & billing query.

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As a general principle, it's best to keep issues separate, otherwise reaching any kind of reasonable solution is inherently complex and therefore lengthy.


I'd suggest your primary concern should be resolving the billing problem by establishing whether or not the quoted monthly price included broadband service.


Delay with provisioning new broadband, (particularly where a new FTTP circuit is involved) occurs in many instances, and ISPs have very limited influence over that process because it's Openreach which does the physical work required.


Unfortunately it's in the interest of salespeople, particularly at a concession stall, to underemphasize the complexity of such things.



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