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Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron gets an attack of Aeon Reflux as MI6 super-spy Lorraine Broughton in this bone-jarring action caper set in 1989 Berlin. When a file exposing every secret agent in the West falls into Russian hands, lethal Lorraine is paired with maverick agent James Percival (James McAvoy) to get it back. But on top of the usual problems with murderous goons, sneaky bosses and double crosses, there are plenty more spanners in the works... not to mention guns, knives, hoses, corkscrews, ice picks, Stilettos and office furniture. Bloody violence? Strong language? Nudity? You betcha. Belting soundtrack, too. Check out our featured review here


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Annabelle: Creation

The origins of the possessed doll from The Conjuring emerge in this spine-chilling prequel from the director of horror hit Lights Out. Years after their little girl is killed in a tragic accident, dollmaker Samuel (Anthony LaPaglia) and his bed-ridden wife (Miranda Otto) open their home to girls from a closing Catholic orphanage. But while the older girls settle in, disabled Janice (Talitha Bateman) and her best friend Linda (Lulu Wilson) get into trouble when they enter the dead girl's bedroom... more trouble than they ever imagined. The truth crawls out of the woodwork in a spookily effective series of bone-snapping twists and diabolical turns.


Available to Buy & Keep from 4 December

Available to rent from 18 December



The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

After solving the food shortage in Liberty Park (that he accidentally caused), Surly the squirrel (voiced by Will Arnett) must save the day once again when the city's sneaky Mayor threatens to turn the place into an amusement park. While he can rely on his ratty sidekick Buddy (Tom Kenny), feisty redhead Andie (Katherine Heigl) and Precious the pug (Maya Rudolph), Surly brings in muscle from outside in the form of gang boss Mr Feng (Jackie Chan) and his mob... who are a lot more dangerous than they look. The fur (and gags) continue to fly in this madcap sequel to 2014's allergy-defying hit. 


Available to Buy & Keep from 4 December

Available to rent from 11 December



The Dark Tower

Sinister sorcerer Walter O'Dim (Matthew McConaughey) is determined to destroy the "Dark Tower", a soaring pinnacle that holds the universe together. To succeed, he needs to harness the mind of psychically gifted New York teenager (Tom Taylor)...but he's joined forces with the mysterious gunslinger (Idris Elba) to thwart Walter's catastrophic plans. Writer Stephen King's sprawling sci-fi series is reduced to a tight 90-odd minutes of cataclysmic, steam-punk mayhem.


Available to Buy & Keep and rent from 11 December




The miraculous evacuation of almost 340,000 Allied soldiers while under constant fire from the advancing German Army has provided director Christopher Nolan with the subject for his most superlative film yet. Splitting the narrative into three strands - on the beach (Fionn Whitehead's teen squaddie), at sea (Mark Rylance's taciturn small boat captain) and in the air (Tom Hardy's clipped RAF Spitfire pilot) - he marshals the storylines into a visceral, compelling whole while providing a quality hitherto mostly absent from his work - genuine passion. It's a colossal, nerve-shredding effort and one where Nolan never puts a foot wrong.


Available to Buy & Keep from 12 December

Available to rent from 18 December



American MadeAmerican-Made-LB-1.jpg

After Top Gun and Oblivion, the Cruise-meister takes to to the skies again as Barry Seal, a maverick flyboy who lands a gig for the CIA and as a drug runner in South America during the 1980s. While keeping as much of his dodgy dope dealings as he can from his wife Lucy (Sarah Wright), Baz works a nice scam with his government handler Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson) making a mountain of cash. Of course, it ain't gonna last. After The Mummy fell out of the sky in ball of box office flames, Tom's obviously hoping this loose biopic with have his career back in the clouds.


Available to Buy & Keep from 18 December

Available to rent from 26 December




The murder of three black men by trigger-happy white policemen during the 1967 Detroit riots is the subject of this hard-hitting drama from director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker). Two nights after the unrest began, several officers - alerted to shots fired from the Algiers Motel - flouted procedure and violently interrogated guests, conducting a "death game" to intimidate confessions, leaving three innocents slain. A powerful thriller is distinguished by a chilling break-out performance from Brit Will Poulter as a racist cop.


Available to Buy & Keep from 18 December

Available to rent from 8 January


Logan Lucky

It's Ocean's Eleven hillbilly style when a pair of redneck war veteran brothers (Adam Driver and Channing Tatum) spring Daniel Craig's Joe Bang - a career crimmo sporting a daring blonde crop - to help them pull of a heist during the Coca Cola 600 Race in North Carolina. Witty and ingenious, it's a welcome return for director Steven Soderbergh and a chance for Craig to flex his comedy muscles after the strait (dinner) jacket of 007.


Available to Buy & Keep from 18 December

Available to rent from 26 December



Rough Night

Five best friends from college - including Scarlett Johansson's Jess and Zoe Kravitz's Blair - reunite ten years later for a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. However, their hard partying takes a dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper by lustily bashing his head against a marble pillar. While Johansson shines in a rare comedy role it's Kate McKinnon who steals the show as an Australian wild card who's full-blown presence never fails to light up a scene.


Available to Buy & Keep from 18 December

Available to rent from 26 December




Available to Pre-Order in December  


Earth: One Amazing Day

Available to Pre-Order from 15 December

From exotic jungles, high mountains and remote islands, filmmakers Richard Dale, Peter Webber and Fan Lixin capture the awesome beauty of nature over the course of one day.




Available to Pre-Order from 16 December

A giant but gentle bull must find a way to break free from his captors and return home to his family.



Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Available to Pre-Order from 20 December

Four high school kids discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game's jungle setting, literally becoming the adult avatars they chose. What they discover is that you don't just play Jumanji - you must survive it. To beat the game and return to the real world, they'll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, discover what Alan Parrish left 20 years ago, and change the way they think about themselves - or they'll be stuck in the game forever.



Pitch Perfect 3

Available to Pre-Order from 20 December

After the highs of winning the world championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren't job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.


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