The Walking Dead S8 and the questions we already need answers to


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**This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead season 8**


In the first episode of season 8 of The Walking Dead, a coherent timeline isn’t something we can hope for. The two episodes that have so far followed have offered a little more consistency, but it can still be a little difficult to follow.


The first episode started with what seemed like a full-proof plan. Direct a herd of walkers towards the Saviours and take out any of their guards in the process. Just before the walkers arrive however, Rick turns up with a large amount of ammo (never explaining how they acquired that much) and tells Negan it’s all over.


Sounds simple, right?


Ah, but this is the Walking Dead and simplicity isn’t their style.


The first assault was mostly successful, although they left Father Gabriel behind and didn’t actually succeed in killing Negan. After this, a calculated plan is in motion, taking on several of the Saviours outposts.


Three episodes in and Rick’s army appears to be more successful than Negan’s but as there are plenty of episodes to come, we know how quickly that can change.


While watching, there are a few questions that we still need to find an answer to…


What’s the significance of ‘old Rick’?


Is it an actual glimpse into the future? Or an idyllic dream just before he dies?


The details we’re shown suggest Rick’s been through some tough times, now walking with a cane (as he does in the comics) but has somehow survived. Judith is now a little girl and Michonne (who doesn’t appear to have aged at all) looks rather happy about the whole thing.


So why the uncertainty? Well, each time Rick reaches this vision, shall we say, he seems to be covered in sweat, fighting to stay conscious. We’ve only been shown this in the first episode so far, which suggests we’ll circle back to it near the end of the season.


Why didn’t Rick just kill Negan?


In the first episode when Rick was offering Negan’s people a way out, he could have easily taken a shot at Negan from behind their barricade. But no, a lot of dialogue was required before actually shooting.


When the shooting commenced, why didn’t Rick leave the barricade and pursue Negan on foot? As Negan was injured and hidden, it would’ve been a simple, hop, skip and jump, bang, bang, then a hop, skip and jump back. Simple.


War over, Rick 1 – 0 Negan. But then we wouldn’t have a whole season to wait for a resolution, would we?


How is Shiva so well behaved?


I understand Ezekiel and Shiva have a bond, having each other’s back from before the outbreak occurred. But can we really ignore the fact that SHE IS A TIGER? What’s to stop her from attacking anyone around her?


And how does she know who the bad guys are? Aside from the armour Ezekiel and some of his people wear, there’s nothing to separate them from the Saviours. All the characters wear the same, beige/brown/dirt covered clothes.


It’d be interesting to see if Shiva attacks the wrong group…


Who is the lone survivor Carl leaves food for?


Despite Rick initially scaring him away, we’ve come across another survivor who appears to not belong to any group.


Should Carl trust him and show he’s still got a grip on his humanity, or is Rick right? Or could this new survivor be a member of another group?


Where are Jadis and the Scavengers?


Aligning with the Saviours last season would suggest they should help Negan now, in his time of need, but there hasn’t been even a flicker of them so far.


We know they’re not to be trusted, so it’s completely viable that they’ll let Negan and the Saviours fight their war alone, but if there’s some kind of gain for Jadis, we’ll most likely see her again.


Will Maggie ever look pregnant?


To look at her, you wouldn’t think Maggie was pregnant. If not for the constant references to her and the baby, the prenatal vitamins etc. we’d never know!


She seems to have been pregnant for a long time and it doesn’t even seem like there’s the slightest bump.


Can the converted be trusted?


After his forced recruitment last season, Eugene has settled in quite comfortably as a Saviour. But how much has he really joined Negan? Is there a chance of him turning against Negan and returning to his old group?