Launches & Changes to Sky Channels - June 2018

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Here's where you can find the latest launches and changes to Sky channels. 


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Friday 1st


  • LFCTV SD has been permanently removed from the EPG (425)
  • LFCTV HD has moved from EPG 873 to 425
  • Channel AKA (EPG 373) renames to Massive R&B.  Celebrating classic R&B from the 90s & 00s, plus the best of current urban music - from US rap to UK grime.


Saturday 2nd


  • Sky Pirates (EPG 843) renames to Sky Hits. Sky Cinema presents the biggest and the best movies - the hits you missed and the blockbusters you want to watch again. 
  • SkyPiratesHD (EPG 302) renames to Sky Hits HD


Monday 4th


  • Sky Hits renames to Sky Pirates (EPG 843)
  • Sky Hits HD renames to Sky PiratesHD (EPG 302)
  • Sky Greats renames tom Sky Superhero (EPG 844)
  • Skt Greats HD renames to Sky Superhero HD (EPG 303)
  • Absolute 70s renames to Hits Radio (EPG 0188)


Tuesday 5th


  • Chartshow Hits renames to Summer Hits (EPG 370) Suns out, summers here, and so is Summer Hits! The hottest hits, freshest videos and biggest chart countdowns to keep you scorching all summer long!


Monday 11th


  • Sky Sports Golf (EPG 405/859) has temporarily renamed to Sky US Open.
  • Sky Animation HD renames to Sky Family HD (EPG 846)
  • Sky Animation renames to Sky Family (EPG 305)
  • Sky Comedy HD renames to AdamSandler HD (EPG 303)
  • Sky Comedy renames to AdamSandler (EPG 844)


Tuesday 12th


  • PTV Global has been restored to the EPG (724) after a temporary removal.
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Now that we have the Paramount channel coming maybe we will get an oldies  channel for us who like old  classic tv shows  from the  early sixties like  The Rifleman , Branded, and old shows  getting  a dusting off  the shelfs  like greats like Thriller, Armchair Theatre,  General Hospital, Crown Court, Within These Walls,  and Australian  classic  soaps like the Young Doctors.Im  sure the broadcasters would get good  viewing  figures.We all have a favorite old show and oldies first run movies on a tv channel on Sky

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