How to Order Joshua v Klitschko

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This must-see fight will define the division for a decade.


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Using your Sky remote control

If you want to record Joshua v Klitschko you must order the event using your Sky remote control, simply follow these instructions.


  • Go to channel 491,
  • Press the Green button,
  • Follow on screen instructions

Don't forget, you'll need your Sky PIN to complete your booking.


Order Online

You can order online right now, just go to


You can of course order over the phone (surcharge applicable)

UK- 03442 410888

ROI- 0818 220 225

For more information about how to order check out the How to Order FAQ's 


What time does it start?

The programme will start at 6pm, Saturday 29th April (channel 491/492).

The ringwalk for the main event is expected around 10pm



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Hi everyone, I joined Sky in 2011 and haven't looked back since! I am passionate about helping others and all things Sport. My favourite TV show changes all the time, but at the moment i'm re-watching The West Wing on Box Sets.

 How long do I have to wait to order the fight on now TV box? 

Community Manager

Hi @philip+mc38, I'm keeping people updated regarding the Sky Sports Box Office app in this conversation. I expect you'll be able to place orders from later today. Smiley Happy

New Viewer

Hi I'm away from home on saturday night. Can I order the Joshua fight and watch it on my laptop either on line or via sky go? Thanks

Community Manager

Hi SportAnn,


Sky Box Office can't be watched using Sky Go however this event will be available to stream/watch online, orders aren't being taken just yet though.


Keep an eye on this conversation, i'll update it as soon as there's more information about how to watch Joshua v Klitschko online. Smiley Happy


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I have a sky hd box but don't subscribe to hd channels....can I order and watch the hd ppv or would it have to be the standard ppv channel?

Community Manager

Sky Store/Box Office events aren't dependent upon your monthly subscription, in other words you can order the AJ v Klitschko fight in HD even if you don't subscribe to it. Smiley Happy

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You can order Joshua v Klitschko to stream online here.

Can I order & pay for the Joshua fight using my sky remote - take the viewing card out of the box - put it in another box & register the card to the other box to watch the fight then re register the card back to its original box afterwards


for saturdays fight, can i call up sky and buy the fight on different Payment card to the one that is registered on my file and for the payment to be taken straight away and not on my sky bill


Hi! My other half has ordered the joshua fight from his mobile, however we have no phone line or broadband connection. How do we get confirmation this has gone through. 


Community Manager

@jackh1867 it would be added to a future bill.


@horseshoe2017 we would recommend booking on the box you intend on watching the event from.


@Jo8674 - it would depend on what platform you intend on watching on as you can order on your mobile through the Sky Sports Box Office app, we're offering a streaming version for PC/Laptop/Mac, and you can also order to your box from the website. More information can be found here:-



Is it not possible to order via remote if your sky is not connected to a phone line?  It appears that way.  I don't want to order online cause then I can not record it.


In the past you could order by remote whether connected to phone line or not.  But seems to have changed recently.

Community Manager

@Maani2573 the box must be connected by either an active phone line or broadband router to order through the box. This has been the case for a long time.


Bookings made online can only be recorded on box versions that start with  4F31 and have up to date software (the latest version is R015.084.51.02P).




If I buy the fight via the online option referred to above, will I be able to watch the fight via stream on my MacBook?

Community Manager

@JamesBizley if you wish to stream via your MacBook order here:-


 I wouldn't say a long time cause I am sure in 2016 I ordered boxing on box office on several occasions without being connected to phone.   This is a bad Sky policy it means you pay £16 and are forced to watch it live as not recording is possible.  Other members of household may not like boxing.


If I order the boxing on my android device can I use a cable to plug it into the tv?i will not be at home and the persons house in visiting don't have sky so can I buy the fight on my tablet and connect it to there tv?


If i pre order through my box, does it need to be online when the boxing starts?


I do not have HD sports pack. Am I able to get the fight via Skype box office in HD or will I have to order in SD?


I'm working away this weekend, if I purchase the fight via my sky remote can I watch it live on my laptop?


I've just ordered the big fight over the phone.will this be added to my next bill ,and dose it show up on my account as I can't see any ting as yet.


I am following instructions and it just freezes at the purchase info part (not asking me for pin to complete). I have also tried online and it says there is an issue but box is connected to internet and phone line? Any help welcome....

Community Manager

@oohaah Yes, you can order in HD regardless of your subscription Smiley Happy


@Sarge01 No, your order to watch at home is not linked to an order to use the Sky Sports Box Office App/live stream


@Emma.h Your Sky bill is generated 14 days prior to the date you make a payment. Once your monthly bill has been generated the cost will not be increased. Therefore, it is possible the cost of the fight could roll over to the bill after next.


@Dogg999 It sounds like your Sky Box isn't detecting an active phoneline or broadband connection, subsequently the order cannot be completed. Remember, you must order the fight through your Sky box if you want to record it.


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