Game of Thrones recap: Season 7, episode 7 – The Dragon and the Wolf


Here we have it – another season of Game of Thrones has come to its close, and what a season it was. Arya and Bran made it home. The White Walkers acquired a zombie dragon. And the Mother of Dragons finally met the Lannisters and the King of the North, all while potentially falling in love with the latter. Throw in a series of heart-wrenching reunions, last-minute political manoeuvring, that new Westeros teleportation device, and we’ve had one epic year.




So how fitting was it that this week began with all forces meeting at King’s Landing. The Unsullied, the Dothraki and the Iron Fleet descend to the capital ahead of one hell of a board meeting. Set in the Targaryen dragon pit, the meeting brings together Jon, Tyrion, Jorah, Cersei, Jaime, Euron, Brienne, the Hound and the Mountain. And to top it off, Dany makes a fabulous entrance arriving on Drogon, much to the displeasure of Queen C.

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Tyrion begins his address, only to be interrupted by Euron (who continues to be a thorn in everyone’s backside) and then by Jon: “This isn’t about living in harmony, this is about living.” The threat is coming from beyond the wall and they have proof of it. They set the wight loose and demonstrate the few ways you could try and kill one. Only fire or dragonglass can kill the dead in the “only one war that matters”. Mic drop.




After finding out the dead can’t swim, Euron declares he’s taking his fleet back to the Iron Islands. Dany may not want to govern a graveyard, but it seems pretty appealing to the (current) King of the Isles. Cersei, meanwhile, accepts she must fight the dead but only if Jon remains in the North and takes no sides. Snow, faithful and stubborn as he is, refuses, swearing fealty to Dany, and in turn infuriating Cersei. Although she’s pleased to have his loyalty, Dany’s not impressed by his lack of tact. Let’s face it, Jon’s not capable of navigating the interests of two Queens, is he? There’s only one person that can fix all this – Tyrion.


The almighty sibling showdown commences. Cersei and Tyrion scold each other over dead fathers and children, with Tyrion even goading Cersei into ordering the Mountain to kill him. He knows her Achilles ‘heel, and that’s family – even more so now that she’s preggers. Tyrion and Cersei return to the dragon pit, declaring that the Lannister army will march to the North and fight.


This is all a rouse obviously, with Cersei hoping that “the monsters kill each other”. While Dany and Jon fight the dead, she can take back the southern lands with the help of the Golden Company. Jaime refuses to break his oath, and if that means committing treason and leaving his sister, he will. And like that, the Kingslayer flees King’s Landing, his sister, his Queen, and his unborn child, as the snows of winter begin to fall upon the capital.




Talking of winter, Sansa and Arya’s tension continues to reach boiling point over in Winterfell. Littlefinger is feeding Sansa’s anxiety, suggesting that Arya wants her dead so that she can become Lady of Winterfell. As Arya’s brought into the Great Hall, Sansa declares: “You stand accused of murder and treason. How do you answer… Lord Baelish?” Yep, Game of Thrones just delivered it’s most satisfying moment yet. Sansa may have once been naïve, but she’s been forced to grow up, using Littlefinger’s own teachings against him.


The murder of Aunt Lysa, the conspiracy to murder Jon Arryn, framing Ned Stark for treason, Bran’s attempted assassination – the list of charges go on. We finally see Littlefinger on his knees, pleading for forgiveness, but the Starks are having none of it. Ayra slits his throat with his own dagger, and we see the demise of one of Westeros’ most calculated players. Tricksy Baelish is over.




But the excitement doesn’t end there – after arriving from the Citadel, Sam Tarley is told by Bran that Jon “is a Sand, not a Snow”, and as Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s marriage was consensual, Jon is not only a legitimate Targaryen but he’s the nephew of Dany and the heir to the Iron Throne. All of that’s going to make for a great Jeremy Kyle episode, as we see Dany and Jon making love passionately. Yay, but yuk, but yay!


So at the end of season 7, where are we? Dany and Jon (#notsorelationshipgoals), are sailing to Winterfell to join forces with the North and to be greeted by Sansa, Arya and Bran, Jaime has left Cersei (probably for Brienne), and Theon’s heading to battle Euron for Yara’s soul.


It’s only fitting that we finish at the Wall. As the army of the dead approach the almighty wall, they are followed by the Night King atop his pet zombie dragon. Viserion breathes out blue-icy-god-knows-what-it-is-fire and we watch as the Wall absolutely crumbles. And as the dust settles, a huge hole appears.




The dead pass the Wall - they’ve arrived in Westeros. The Great War has begun.


And with only six episodes left ever, with fights between living and dead dragons and battles between giants and multiple races of men, something tells us you’ll be joining us for the end of the ride.


Game of Thrones – we already miss you.