Game Of Thrones: 7 Spoilery Secrets From The Set

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WARNING: major spoilers ahead! We’ve looked at candid set photos, alleged leaked scripts and seemingly legit concept art to write this blog.


July still seems quite far away, doesn’t it? With only the box sets of previous seasons to tide us over, the wait between new Game Of Thrones episodes has been longer than ever this time around.


Even the first trailer couldn’t abate our appetite, since it was notably stingy on plot details.


If you’re fed up of waiting for more info, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected all the Game Of Thrones season 7 spoilers and rumours we could find. So if you don’t mind knowing a few spoiler-stuffed details early, read on...


7. Gendry returns




One thing we know for sure about Game Of Thrones season 7 is that Joe Dempsie will finally return as Gendry, the last remaining son of Robert Baratheon (that we know of). A fan caught a glimpse of some filming, and saw Davos and Tyrion sneaking Gendry back into King’s Landing.


It seems safe to assume that this scene takes place quite late in the season, given that Gendry (rowing off to sea), Tyrion (with Dany, also at sea) and Davos (in the North, with Jon) were all in different places the last time we saw them.


6. Jon and Dany meet




Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow will cross paths for the first time ever this year. This doesn’t come as particularly surprising news, since things were bound to come to a head at some point. But it’s still an exciting prospect, not least because we learned last season that Jon and Dany are actually related.


Some sneaky set pictures show Dany and Jon meeting at a waterside location. It looks like they’re becoming friends rather than enemies, but that’s just baseless speculation on my part. In order for Jon to learn about his true parentage, he’ll also need to meet up with Bran.


5. Littlefinger stirs sh*t among the Starks




One rumour, which claims to come from a leaked script, suggests that Aidan Gillen’s Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger) will try and turn House Stark against itself this year. This makes sense, given that his character’s only motivations seem to be amassing power and causing trouble.


The rumour claims that Littlefinger will try to turn Arya and Sansa against each other, dredging up old letters to do so. One assumes that the sisters will remain true to their family, and turn against Littlefinger instead. Fingers crossed.


4. Jon brings a White Walker to King’s Landing




Here’s an apparently legit piece of concept art, which has emerged online. It’s entitled Dragonpit Entrance, and – having examined all available evidence – The Independent believes it comes from the season 7 finale.


Therein, rumours suggest, the principal cast (including Starks, Targaryens and Lannisters) will meet up at an old ruin near King’s Landing, to examine a White Walker. Jon Snow will bring one along that he captured earlier in the season, to prove to the other leaders of Westeros that the threat of the undead is real.


3. Jon’s real name revealed?




Bran’s flashbacks will continue, of course, and he’ll find out even more about Jon Snow’s true origins. If one major rumour is true, we’ll see a wedding between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. This would be major news, confirming that Jon Snow wasn’t a b*stard born out of wedlock, but a genuine Targaryen with a claim to The Iron Throne.


If that same rumour (which comes, apparently, from a leaked script) is true, we’ll also get to hear Jon Snow’s real Targaryen-approved name this season. That should be fun!


2. Jaime turns on Cersei?




Speaking to Mashable, Jaime Lannister actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau addressed the rumours that his character will turn on his sister this year. In keeping with his arc from slimy Lannister to decent bloke, the rumour predicts that Jaime will kill Cersei to end her reign of terror, just as he offed The Mad King back in the day.


“I can see it makes sense,” Coster-Waldau admitted. “It has a beautiful — it’s a nice circle [that] they are born together in the womb and then he kills her at the end…It makes sense." 


The actor made sure to stress this point: “I’m just saying it’s a valid theory”. That’s hardly a confirmation, but it’s still a tantalising idea.


1. Zombie dragon?!




It comes from an alleged leaked script, so it could be totally bogus, but this idea is still incredibly cool: The Night King, apparently, will get his hands on one of Daenerys’ dragons.


The rumour suggests that Dany will fly beyond The Wall at one point, and the White Walkers will kill one of her winged pets before reviving it in zombie form. An undead dragon on the side of the Walkers would certainly even the odds in the final showdown of season 8!


What do you think of these rumours? Is there truth to them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below...

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