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Registered: ‎04-01-2014

Sky Wireless Booster set up issue- Solved!!!!!

I posted a problem at the weekend which I've now solved but can't find a way to post the solution in my thread so I'm posting it here instead!


I had tried for ages to set up my new Wireless Booster but, whatever I did, counldn't get to the set up screen described in the instructions.



I've now solved my problem!  One of the possible solutions listed was to try to connect, wait for a while and then reset.  I had tried this several times and it dodn't seem to work but kept on trying anyway.


It seems that I was too quick with my resetting.  I just pressed the pin into the hole until something happened and this didn't solve the problem. However, when I re-read the post  suggesting this, I realised that you hold the pin in until the on/off light on the booster flashes and then release it.  I tried this twice and on the second occasion got the  screen listing the wireless connections and finally managed managed to sort out the booster.


So the secret is persist!



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