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How does the Sky TV Link/Magic Eye work?

I would like to watch Sky TV in another room without subscribing to Multiroom. How will a the Sky TV link/Magic Eye work? Will i need anything else or do I just plug in the Link? 

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You only need a Magic Eye/TVLink to control your Sky box remotely: you don't actually need one just to watch TV in another room.


You need a length of double screend coax cable between your Sky box and the TV in the other room. Plug one end into the RF2 socket at the back of your Sky box (or if you have the most recent wi-fi enabled Sky box, into the IO Link which you'll need to purchase separately). Plug the other end of the coax into the Magic Eye input socket and connect the Eye's output socket into the TV.


If you don't need to control your Sky box remotely, just omit the Magic Eye and plug the coax cable straight into the TV.