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How do you copy from Sky+ to DVD recorder

How do you go about copying saved tv programmes in Planner on a Sky+ box to an external DVD recorder?  I've just upgraded to a Sky HD 2TB box, I'm keen to get the new system operational but don't want to lose cherished programmes presently stored on the 'old' Sky+ box.

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1. Connect a SCART cable between your Sky+ box and your DVD recorder.

2. Switch your Sky+ box on from standby and turn to the Programme Guide.

3. On your TV select the DVDR source.

4. Use the source or input or Ext button on your DVDR remote, to select the SCART socket your Sky+ box is connected to. When you have the right source, the Sky Programme Guide will be displayed on your TV.

5. Prepare your DVDR to record and press Pause

6. Select the programme from your Sky Planner that you want to copy to DVD and press Play

7. From the point where you want to start recording, press Pause again on your DVDR to start the recording


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How to copy to a dvd from the sky hd box?