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Recovering deleted items from your planner

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Can I recover a recording I have accidentally deleted?


This is dependant on the version of EPG/ TV Guide of your Sky+ HD box.


Sky+ HD boxes which are supported by EPG Version R005.53.70.05P or greater benefit from the undelete feature. If you accidentally delete a recorded programme or want to recover a previously deleted programme now you can with just the click of a button.


To find out if your box is compatible and supports the new undelete function you can check the model number of your box using the System Details menu.


1. Press the Services button

2. Press the right arrow button to highlight Settings and press select

3. Press the right arrow button to highlight System Details and press select

4. The EPG Version number will be displayed onscreen.



If your EPG version is R005.53.70.05P or greater then follow the instructions below to access the undelete feature:


Using your Remote Control :


  1. Press TV Guide button
  2. Press the Green button to access the planner
  3. Press the left arrow to highlight the Deleted tab and press select
  4. Your deleted programmes are listed with the latest at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
  5. Highlight the programme you wish to restore to the planner
  6. Press Select or Green to move the programme back into your planner


How long will deleted programmes remain within the deleted tab?


As long as there is enough space on the hard disk drive inside your Sky+HD box, the Deleted tab continues to store as much deleted content as possible.


If you have a full hard disk drive, the space used to reference your deleted recordings may be required for new recordings. To ensure there is enough space on your hard disk drive for the new recordings the oldest of the deleted recordings (sometimes it may be more than one) will be automatically removed from the Deleted tab. Once removed these recordings cannot be recovered.

Previously deleted recordings use hidden space on your Sky+HD hard disk drive. As they do not take physical space on your box they do not impact the amount of storage on your box. Permanently deleting your recordings within the Deleted tab will not free additional capacity on your hard disk drive.