Getting started : IO Link

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The IO-Link is an adapter, which allows users to connect TV accessories to the IO port on new Sky+HD boxes with built in Wi-Fi. You need an IO-Link adapter to connect a tvLINK (Magic Eye).


A tvLINK allows control of a Sky box from a different room. The tvLINK eye sits on top of the TV in the bedroom or other remote viewing point.




Why do I need an IO-Link for new Sky boxes?


Sky+HD boxes are no longer manufactured with RF-Out2 socket. This socket is used to connect TV accessories in older models. We have removed this socket to reduce the environmental impact of Sky+HD boxes.


How many additional TV’s can add using an IO-Link?


One additional TV. If sending to more than one TV, additional equipment may be required, which is not supported by Sky.


What do I need to Watch Sky TV in another room?


If you have a new Sky+HD box with built in Wi-Fi you will need:


  • 1 x tvLINK (Magic Eye), 1 x IO-Link, 1 x co-axial cable

 If you have an older Sky box with an RF-Out2 socket you will need:


  • 1 x tvLINK (Magic Eye), 1 x co-axial cable


How do I install my IO-Link with my Sky+HD box?


1. Connect your IO-Link directly to the I/O port on the rear panel of the Sky+HD box.


2.Connect a length of co-axial cable from the tvLINK (RF-out) port on the IO-Link and the other to your second TV (aerial socket).


Note: The co-axial cable connection should be unbroken and continuous ie: there should be no splitters, boosters. amplifiers or wall plates in use. The co-axial cable run should be as short as possible to avoid signal and power loss over longer distances – the cable run should not exceed 30m.


Activate your IO link on your Sky+HD box:


  1. Press the SERVICES button on your Sky remote control.
  2. Press the right arrow button on your Sky remote control to SETTINGS.
  3. Press the down arrow button on your Sky Remote control to highlight PICTURE.
  4. Press 0 then 1 then SELECT button and SETUP will be highlighted
  5. Press the right arrow button 3 times to highlight RF OUT
  6. Press the down arrow button and use the number buttons to change the channel. Choose channel 21 or 26.
  7. Press the down arrow button and use the right arrow button to change the RF Outlet Power Supply setting from OFF to On
  8. Press the GREEN button on your Sky remote control to save the new settings then the Sky button to return to normal viewing
  9. Finally, re-tune your second television


Is there another way to get Sky in other rooms?


Yes, with Sky Multiscreen.


Do Sky supply IO Links and TV Links?


Yes, you can purchase these here.



Note: A distribution system can amplify the power supply and provide a signal to more than 1 TV – tvLINK distribution systems are not supported by Sky.