Sky Mobile very expensive

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Re: Sky Mobile very expensive

Ther plan I have gone for is cheaper than my previous provider (same data plan) and Sky let you carry over unused data.


Each to their own. Some folks will find it a good deal, some not.

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Re: Sky Mobile very expensive

I agree with Doneronchips, Sky Mobile is overpriced and expensive especially compared to Vodafone. Vodafone has recently invested heavily on upgrading their phone masts and coverage surpasses everyone else with very little or no drop outs on phone calls, with the likes of EE and 02 that having issues. 


Sky Mobile uses the 02 network and as a Vodafone customer I'm gonna stay with them, as Vodafone are offering their Sim only RED Bundle for all new customers and existing, with 20GB of data and Unlimited calls and texts for £20 a month!!! Compared to Sky's 5GB of data and Unlimted calls and texts for £20 a month.


See pic attached.


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Re: Sky Mobile very expensive

As a SIM-only contract, it makes little sense unless you're a Sky TV customer, because that extra £10 a month raises the price to the level of contracts that include a handset.


But comparing O2's SIM-only contracts, their 1GB data SIM is £15 compared with Sky's £10.
2GB with O2 costs £18 – O2 only starts to look cost-effective if you go for a 10GB deal.


Sky's also cheaper than EE SIM-only unless you want more than 5GB a month.

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