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Sky Mobile FAQ

The Smart Network has arrived with Sky Mobile.


Take a look at some handy FAQ's covering;





We want to give you the flexibility to create a plan that’s right for you so you only pay for what you need each month. Rather than being locked into long-term contracts with set data, call and text packages that don’t change when your needs do, with Sky Mobile you pick the data plan that suits your needs - 1GB, 3GB or 5GB. You can then choose Unlimited Calls and Texts (which is free for Sky TV customers.)


If you don’t make a lot of calls, you can choose data only and simply pay for calls and texts on a Pay As You Use basis – we’re the only monthly contract provider to offer this. If you need more or less data, or calls and texts, its’ easy to change your plan every month.



We know that people use less than half of the data they buy every month. Only with Sky Mobile is your unused data yours to keep for three years. We’ll automatically Roll over all your unused data into your piggybank to store at the end of every month. If run out, you can simply Roll data back from your piggybank to use instantly whenever you need it



Sky TV customers won’t have to pay for another call or text with any Sky Mobile plan, each household can register up to five SIMs, generating an annual saving of up to £600 a year on their Sky Mobile bill. Save gives Sky TV customers even more value from their Sky services.



For the first time, Sky Mobile customers with Sky+, can Sync Sky+ recordings with their phone to create their own personal Sky playlist of shows they love to watch wherever they are. You can stream recordings when you're out over 4G (or 3G.) Or download over WiFi to watch later without using up your data. You can enjoy Sync on up to four mobile devices. 



Swap is the radically new, way to have the phone you want, when you want. The choice is yours with Swap. Whether you want the latest model every year with Swap12 or our lowest monthly price with Swap24, all with no upfront costs.

When it’s time to Swap, simply choose a brand new phone and send back the old one. There are no upfront costs, no hassle and we'll deliver your new phone to your door. 


Q: What's the coverage like?

Follow this link and enter a postcode to check out the coverage in your area.




Q: How much does Sky Mobile cost? 
A: Sky Mobile offers three simple data plans, each month unused data is rolled over and can be stored for upto threee years, so you only pay for what you need. Plus, Sky TV customers get free Unlimited Calls and Texts with any of our data plans.

  • 1GB for £10 
  • 3GB for £15 
  • 5GB for £20 


Q. Why am I being asked to make an upfront payment?

A. As a responsible lender, Sky has an obligation to make sure we offer suitable monthly plans to our customers. Based on the results of a credit check you can be asked to pay an upfront cost, this will be reflected by reducing your monthly costs. You will not pay any more in total for the cost of your handset if you weren’t asked to make an initial payment.


Q. What about Roaming options?

A. In Summer 2017, Sky Mobile customers will be able to ‘Roam like Home’ within the EU and European Economic Area. This means you can use your data, calls and texts as if you were in the UK.


Q. What add ons are available? 

A. Take a look at our tariff guide for further billing information




Q. How long will it take for my phone to arrive?

A. Phone orders confirmed by 9pm Monday to Thursday (excluding Bank Holidays) and by 3pm Sunday will be delivered by courier the on next working day. If your order’s confirmed after these times, your phone will take two working days to arrive.


Q. What phones do you have available to buy?

A. We offer a range of brands and phones for all budgets. You can check our latest range of phones at


Q. Are your phones locked to your network?

A. Phones provided by Sky are unlocked, although when a SIM is in inserted into an Apple iPhone, it will lock to Sky Mobile. If you want to use another SIM in your iPhone, you will need to perform a network settings reset of your iPhone. Steps can be found here.


SIM Only


Q. I am already a SIM only customer, can I get a phone straight away or do I need to wait until my contract runs out?

A. You can order a phone straight away, we will not recontract you if you choose to buy a phone.

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