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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Hi @Jynxy - I think what you said there was that data settings on your device figures are not matching with the itemised breakdown on the billing area for your mobile. This might be something to contact us about although it may be something that takes a while to get to the bottom of.

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Ive reset settings etc, even installed another app to check and both what sky says and the app are well out.


The app uses a vpn, so all traffic is diverted through that. 


Not really impressed with sky mobile so far, half the standard features are missing and using extra data.

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

I started  in February and 5th May is the first time I have looked at my usage. I use between 100mb and 250mb per month, yet by Sky I have used over a GB each month. I only have the 2Gb package. But if this is how they treat customers I'm going back to GiffGaff


Does anyone know where they get their figures from?? Also can they give you a list of when it was used and how much was used each time, similar to a phone call??


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Re: Mobile Data Usage

@Newhockey wrote:

Also can they give you a list of when it was used and how much was used each time


Not sure about when the data was used but you can check what apps are using what data on your device itself in the mobile settings section.


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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Im having ghebsame issue. Its deleiving me mad. I have four sims ans on EE we were using about 1gb each per month. Now we havw 2gb each ans we are running out of data half way through a month. Shocking. 

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Same issues here. 


Our family have three sim only deals with Sky, which we moved from Vodafone. When on Voda, one phone NEVER went over 500mb per month in over 3 years, and the other never over 2.5gb per month in the same time. The third, 2gb a month. 


I moved to Sky in the beginning of May, and I had to add an extra Gb to the first phone, 5gb to the second and 1gb to the third within 2 weeks of activating. This needs sorting Sky....

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Re: Mobile Data Usage

Sorry about the double post, but I can't see a way to edit the last post...

Just called Sksy about this, and the guy at the other end said that it can't be a network issue as "Sky Mobile uses the same amount of data as any other network", and wouldn't even try to explain why the usage exploded immediatly after the sim cards were swapped.


Well, I'm going to test out if there really is a difference. I still have a contract with Voda running on an iPhone SE(was going to swap to Sky when it ended, but thinking twice about it now). I'm going to make sure it has the exact apps and settings as one of the  other phones(also SEs) and reset the data counter at the exact same time. 


After a week, I'm  going to double check how much each phone has used. I know it won't be mega accurate, but will be near as dam it...

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