New Win 10 sky go app

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Re: New Win 10 sky go app

Started talking about stuttering sound on the thread in January. 

Five months later same problem which will be little comfort to anyone hoping for a timely fix.

Thank goodness Champion's League final is in BT Sport, I see there're actually making it free to all, well done But Sport!

Also thank gawd that the World Cup is on BBC  and ITV. You just can't rely on Sky to deliver  

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Re: New Win 10 sky go app

Been following this problem and discussion for days. Sky Go via IE11 worked fine for me so disappointed when I could only use the app which turned out to be unwatchable. Tried following one of the instructions...uninstalled app and everything else and then re-installed. before using app ended the cisco task and then started app. Watched a catch-up program which had 2 minutes of adverts at start. Adverts were stutter no sound echo...It worls I though....great!!! then the program started and stutter and echo why and all oher questions! If it was ok for the adverts what is the differece with the program?

Been with Sky for years and Sky Go on laptop is essential for me...not a happy bunny...anyone got any new ideas to try as Sky don't seem to have any!


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Re: New Win 10 sky go app

The difference between the programme and the adverts is the programme is encrypted using CISCO’s VideoGuard and the adverts are not, it seem like the VideoGuard software is causing issues for some people


You could try turning off Windows Defenders realtime scanner to see if this is causing an issue, though not recommended for long time use unless you understand the dangers of doing this

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