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Registered: ‎17-11-2011
My broadband speed has seemed to slow down since I have had line rental from Sky and not BT,

My broadband speed has seemed to slow down since I have moved my  line rental from BT to Sky. I had no problems previous to this but now my sons X-Box lags and my comp shows the spinny cicle all the time ( don't know the name for it lol ) when playing games or going through pages of E-Bay ( I know you guys are saying I live the high life ).

I would like to know if there is a way to see if BT have slowed it down or I have a problem with my router , all advice will be gratefully recieved .





PS  Sky ,

If you could make it easier for me to order a booster that would make my day aswell .

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Registered: ‎26-06-2013

Hi Dad of three, thanks for getting in contact with us. Here is a link that may help you out about what may be slowing your connection down. You may also find this a useful link If you do need more help just send us another message and we will try and help you out some more. Charlotte

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