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How many sky go devices can I have set up at one time?

I'm sure I have read that this has changed recently and gone up to 5 but not sure does anyone know?

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You can have up to four.Two that come with your TV package and you can subscirbe for two more at an extra £5pm,this is called Sky Go Extra.


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Hi AdrianRashleigh,


I am happy to see another new mane on the forum :smileyhappy: 


It's great to read that you are looking to benefit from the Sky Go service which is available to all Sky TV subscribers for no additional cost whatsoever. With the Sky Go service, you can register 2 compatible devices onto your SkyID, 1 per month, that will allow you to view content on the go wherever you are able to connect your device to the internet, whether this is via 3/4G or WiFi.


As kato mentioned, we do now offer an additional service called Sky Go Extra, which will cost our TV subscribers an additional £5 per month and will allow you to use the Sky Go service on up to 4  compatible devices, as opposed to the 2 previously mentioned. You will also be able to download content onto all 4 of your devices with this service while being able to view on 2 devices simultaneously.


I hope that this has helped answer your question  If it has, please mark it as a solution. If not, if you could post onto the forum, this will allow us to discuss any of your queries  Sky Go related or otherwise  in a bit more detail.