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Sky Store Buy & Keep


New ways to Buy & Keep

Fancy watching something but don’t want the DVD? Now you can purchase a HD Digital version straight to your Sky Q box to watch on your TV and your devices. Or you can choose to add the DVD or Blu-ray for even better picture quality.


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Pre-order and digital release

Pre-order the latest titles while they’re still in the cinema and watch them on the day of digital release. If the price changes after you’ve pre-ordered, you’ll always pay the lowest price we offer.


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Finding special offers

It’s even easier to find what’s on offer and how much you’ll be saving.


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Order tracking

With the improved order tracking on skystore.com, you’ll be able to track your DVD or Blu-ray order from the moment you make your purchase.


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Red Bull TV app




Want to access the very best in action sports? With the Red Bull TV app, you can find live events and thrilling videos from world adventures. Whether it’s an upcoming or past event, you’ll find it in the Red Bull TV app.


Discover featured, trending and best of live highlights or browse and watch specific channels such as Bike, Cliff Diving and Go Pro.


You can also browse by format, making it easier to find events, shows, films or clips.


Using the Red Bull TV app

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Online Video.
  2. Select Apps, then Red Bull TV.
  3. Press the down arrow twice to access the menu and select from the options.
  4. When you’re finished with the app, press Dismiss on your Sky Q remote and select CLOSE APPLICATION.


Parental lock on playback


To PIN protect playback of your recordings (including downloads, purchases and rentals), select Lock from the programme options. To play the recording or remove the lock, enter your Sky TV PIN.



New Viewer

All sky needs to do now to really be up to date with everything is offer blue rays in 4k 

Boom Operator

All sky needs to do now to really be up to date with everything is offer blue rays in 4k......& UHD with HDR Digital versions......and with Atmos Sound. Sky are losing a lot of money becuase their Buy & Keep or Rent section is so far behind the game. I for one don't hire or purchase any movies from Sky. Instead I'll purchase or hire them from another source to watch through my Xbox One S so that I can get HDR pictures with Dolby Atmos Sound. If Sky were offering this I'd buy from them, buy they aren't so I won't. Shame really!!


Also if Sky could make an option for auto switch between 4K and 1080p recongnizing what’s been streamed rather having to keep changing manually 


Still waiting for updates to improve usability. Not being able to switch the led blue light off, no highlighter on HD channels, no option to turn off the mini screen whilst on the menu. And also not a massive issue but still. Ff or rewind button being depressed to go straight to end or the beginning of a programme. All of these functions were available on old sky+HD boxes!!??